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  • Brand Name: Kan.Do
  • Model Number: GSM-650 yagi+ ceiling 20d
  • GSM: 900Mhz
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Product Description
"Any dispute / Direct negative feedback"  before contact means "Buyer Rubbish " !! And not welcome such buyer !! Please go away !! ( Because business is cooperation ,not fight each other ) .

If protection time is running over ,please contact to extend time ,
if any problem found ,please contact to solve by a friendly way .


******Important Note ( please read , and please read all descriptions carefully ) ************:
To let a booster work it needs conditions :

1. please be sure that signal outside of your house is good enough to enable booster to work , what good signal is:

a). stand there to check if you can make fluent call or not,if can ,then you buy ,otherwise please dont buy ;
b). Put your phone there to check its signal strengthness :
Android : setting-about phone-status-network ,dbm display shall be at -60dbm to -75dbm around ;
IOS : dial *3001#12345#*, dbm display shall be at -60dbm to -75dbm around ;

For this model ,you are still getting options : 
-80dbm to -90dbm , you can consider to buy , factory said it is ok to,but for small coverage only , If unfortunately it does not work ,please work friendly to return &refund ( you pay to return,then i refund order amount ) , if you are the man who directly open dispute ,please dont buy ;

   2). -90dbm to -95dbm , if you are technician ,you can think it over again before buy ,because you know
well how a booster work ,If unfortunately it does not work ,please work friendly to return &refund ( you pay to return,then i refund order amount ) , if you are the man who directly open dispute ,please dont buy ;  And if you are a normal people ,please dont buy !!!

   3). Worse than -95dbm or -100dbm , please dont buy at all whoever you are .

2. Please be sure the place where you are going to install is GSM900MHZ ,operator also use DCS1800mhz for 2G network, please check to clarify .
3. Install them correctly to avoid interference ( auto osillation ) with walls between indoor & outdoor antenna, when interference exist ,LCD will display full signal bar or signal LED normal on, but phone can not make call .

For avoiding unhappiness ,please do not buy before you are clear about the above .

Selling point of product : 

1. Digital display function can show booster\'s g ain and power ,
    Booster host used by China mobile phone and china union  ;

2. GSM booster;
3. 900mhz booster / repeater;

4. ALC: Automatic Gain control function
5. IGC function ;

6. With 21 meters cable + 9 dbi outdoor yagi antenna and 2 indoor ceiling antennas , each indoor antenna ok for 10-100 sq meters around in a room . If you need more rooms ,need to add more antennas
No gift packing box ,all goods will be packed by carton directly to ship .

Just buy and use !!!

Product Features :
A. Booster :

65 means that this booster is working on highest gain at 65dbi ;

After install indoor and outdoor antenna ,it display :

1). 49 means that the booster\' working with gain 49dbi, booster is lacking of strong external signal to work ;

2). 05 means that now booster receive bad signal or small interference. If your outdoor signal is very good it will display 35-42 ,the best is 42 .

3). When number in power increase , digit in gain will decrease , that is booster\'s IGC function . Gain and power auto. adjust to let booster at best working ability .

4). If it becomes 0 , it means too big interference ,so booster stops  , if interference ,then you need to make both antenna far away or try to separate indoor antenna and outdoor antenna by obstales or wall .


Operating voltage: AC 85V-265V automatic power adjustment (with high and low temperature characteristics) 50 5V;

 frequency range:    890MHZ--915MHZ ( UPLINK  )
                                935MHZ--960MHZ( DOWNLINK )

    Gain: ≥60dBi( uplink ) ; ≥65 ( downlink )    
    Noise figure: ≤ 5dB 
   Gain flatness :≤ 3 dB ( p-p)
   Automatical gain control : 30dB
   IGC function : Yes
   Output power : UL: 18dbm +/-2dB

   Input power : ≤ -22dbm 

    Spurious Radiation: ≤-36dBm ;
    Group delay : UL≤ 1 us 

    Net weight : 0.44kg
    Size : 145X110X20mm ( approxminately ) 

    suitable : max.1000 quare meters around


B. Outdoor Antenna :

1. Frequency:806-960Mhz
2. Bandwidth:154MHz
3. Gain:9dBi
4. Seclusion:≤1.5
5. Impendance:50 Ω
6. Power :50W
7. Size:68X19X5.5cm ( reference only,maybe a little difference with the real )
8. Net weight:0.55kg(reference only,maybe a little difference with the real )


C . Indoor Antenna :

1. 250-300 square meters suitable ;
2. Gain: 3 dbi ;
3. Suitable for 800-2500mhz ( CDMA,GSM,PCS,DCS,2.4G wifi suitable ) ;
4. Max. power :
50W ;
5. I mpendance :
50Ω ;
6. Seclusion : ≤1.5

7. Size : Φ180×90
8. Connector : N ;

9. Case : ABS material ;

10. Bandwidth : 83Mhz .
11. Packing : Brown carton ;
12. Net weight :0.2kg


D. Cable :

1. Coaxial cable ( 50-5 ) ;
2. Impendance : 50Ω, RG :5

3. Length : 10 meters for outdoor antenna , 5 meters for indoor antenna , 1 meters for connecting booster and 2 way power splitter ;
F/N connector included ( for one set only ).
5. coverage : 300 square meters around

If you need more long cable , please contact





Content :
booster x 1 ;
power x 1 ;
manual x 1
Indoor ceiling antenna x 1
Outdoor antenna yagi x 1
Cable ( 15M+5M+5M+1M ) x 1 each 
Power splitter 2 ways x 1

Note : Booster may not have inner gift packing box .


Note :
This kits ok for total 400sq meters around in open space ( home use ,office or hall ) ,if you have different rooms , we only promise 1 antenna for 1 room, 2 antenna for 2 rooms   .


Problems and solutions ( important ) , please read :

All booster will be tested before shipping to ensure quality , if you dont know any about booster and installation please start from 0 as below .

1. After power connected ,if LCD does not display or power LED is not on ,it means booster is defective ,kindly choose a friendly to solve it ,we accept to reship or refund. Andy dispute or negative will cause you on black list and an uncooperative solution ;

2. After you connet cables and antenna onto booster ,Lcd display 1-3 bars, you need to change your external antenna to a better place to gain stronger signal, if you use small pin antenna ,please upgrade it to a panel or a yagi ; If you can not find a place with good signal to enable booster with full bar display ,it means your outdoor signal is too bad ,booster will not work . So please kindly contact for a solution to return .


3. After you connet cables and antenna onto booster ,Lcd display full bar or signal LED is on ,but phone can not make call , it means big interference ( not booster quality problem ) which cause booster dead called auto osillation , so you need ( indoor and outdoor antenna can not see each other ) :
1). Use longer cable to enable outdoor antenna far away from booster and indoor antenna ;
2). Face outdoor and indoor antenna to different direction;
3). Get one or 2 walls between outdoor antenna and indoor antenna to ensure they are well insulated .
4). Check with your operator to ask what frequency are adopted in your area to ensure your booster matchs ( operator will use 900mhz in some area and use 1800mhz in an other area ) .

Detailed problems and solutions  :

If you still can not solve it yourself , you can friendly talk choose return or refund,
any dispute or negative mean buyer Rubbish !!



Packaging Details
  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 2.0kg (4.41lb.)
  • Package Size: 13cm x 13cm x 13cm (5.12in x 5.12in x 5.12in)
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Packaging Details
  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 2.0kg (4.41lb.)
  • Package Size: 13cm x 13cm x 13cm (5.12in x 5.12in x 5.12in)
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